Dry Hair Shampoo: Meaning & 8 Tips for Best Results

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Bad hair days, we all have them. If dry hair has been your major concern since like forever, they don’t have to be anymore. We have all been at a point where restoring your natural shine and its suppleness seems like an impossible task!

If this is the case, am pretty sure you are concerned about the beauty products you use, especially shampoos and their potential to strip your hair off all the natural oils and nutrients.

 Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
 Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

If this is the case reducing your shampoo washes and looking for alternatively mild shampoo options may be the best way to go.

Causes of hair dryness

First things first, you need to understand the causes this dryness in order to prevent exacerbation of the problem. According to WebMD, it is a result of:

  • Constant use of heat-styling tools and chemical treatments
  • Overexposure to harsh temperatures
  • Poor diet and nutrition causing it to lack essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Age: as people become old the ability to produce sufficient vitamins and nutrients to moisturize and keep it looking supple decreasing dryness.
  • Some antibiotics, acne, weight loss, antifungal, and chemotherapy medications are also associated with this problem.
  • This is also a primary symptom for other health problems such as malnutrition, Anorexia nervosa, hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroidism and Menkes syndrome as noted health line.

However, if you are concerned that the dryness is a result of an underlying health problem, seek medical advice from your doctor.

No matter what the culprit of your dry is, dry shampoos are best, since they help you reduce your regular washes and exposing it to harsh stripping ingredients; and instead use powder-based dry hair shampoos: to absorb extra product build-up and oil, cleanse, nourish and give it a shiny look.

What is a dry shampoo

To keep your hair healthy and supple, it is inadvisable to constantly shampoo it, okay fine, washing it gets rid of all the dust and gunk but also strips off the essential vitamins and nutrients that make it healthy and lustrous.

Basically, dry shampoo is an oil-absorbing powder sprayed from an aerosol can notes more beauty. The shampoo works by soaking up extra product build-up and grime without the requirement of water.

The waterless shampoo cleanses offered by this type is great especially after fixing your hair up and getting that gorgeous blowout. Waterless brands enable you to retain the mint condition of your blowout and cleanse it at the same it.

This shampoo is sprayed or sprinkled onto the hair scalp, distributed by evenly working the powder on the scalp for a minute or more so that it effectively absorbs excess oils and product build-up leaving it clean and fresh.

Why is dry hair shampoo is the best

  1. It has been there for ages, but only gained popularity recently. It’s become the go-to product for people trying to revitalize their hair, restore moisture and sheen.
  2. This shampoo is an easy and cost-effective option for prolonging the duration of washing days, a break from shampoo days.
  3. Time-saving and effective way to freshen up your look after a workout session, long flights, within the day at work or at home and a perfect pick-me-up for an evening date for people whose hair has a tendency to become frizzy and greasy at the end of the day.
  4. It lightens colored hair a little, especially blonde since the powder can be used to conceal the dark roots increasing the time between color treatments.
  5. It is also best for making your just-styled hair last longer especially if it’s used as an alternative to washing it in between blowout sessions.
  6. Best for last, it gives hair that extra fullness and texture and works perfectly as a styling product.

But just like everything good, this shampoo has some shortcomings

  • It cannot be used on curly, coarse or extremely dry hair: the powder in the water-less shampoo requires oil to cling to so that it can easily and thoroughly be brushed out. Therefore, it doesn’t always have the same effect.
  • The powdery nature of dry shampoos may leave some gray residues on roots of darker hair, hence it’s advisable to be keen when buying a dry brand in order to select one that is specifically for darker types.

Tips for the best results

Thanks to this, we get to rock our just styled hair in mint condition and fresh for days.

  1. Dry shampoo only works on dry hair, so don’t waste your time using it if it is wet.
  2. When using an aerosol spray, spray from a distance of 6 inches from the scalp to avoid using excess product which will only lead to product build-up making it difficult to evenly massage it into your hair.
  3. When applying check to confirm if you got all the parts, if not you can either add more product or use a brush to evenly distribute what you had already sprayed.
  4. Powder dry shampoo and spray dry shampoo are really just one and the same thing: both get the job done but spray dry one is better at soaking up the oil.
  5. It is are perfect for adding volume and texture, amazing for transforming your looks from day to night when used properly.
  6. If your hair becomes white after you spray your dry shampoo its completely okay, let the product settle then proceed with styling, if it’s still chalky, just gently comb through it. Also apply underneath the top layer of your hair at the roots to minimize getting chalky residues and to add volume and texture.
  7. Don’t touch your hair, resist the urge especially if you have applied it as the natural oils on your fingertips will only make it oily again.
  8. Don’t overdo it, but in case you over apply it just, add some serum on the spot, blow-dry or just brush it until it is evenly distributed.

Best brands for all hair types

With different hair types, it might be difficult to figure out which dry shampoo is best your type, but there are some brands which are perfect for all types; from curly, dry, oily, frizzy to just normal hair notes in style and red book mag

  • For long and thick hair, it can be pretty tedious to constantly have to wash it and who wants to get rid of a just styled blow-out? Yes, no one! But thanks to Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo; you can skip some wash days, get freshness and still maintain your just hairstyle.
  • For frizzy type try out Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo
  • To get extra volume and texture try Style Edit Invisible Shampoo, best for a mid-day pick-me-up shampoo.
  • For a fresh scent in the morning, Pantene Original Fresh Dry Shampoo is amazing to make you ride out the blow out for a couple more days: even if your hair picked up scents during the night.
  • Although a bit on the high-end, Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo is just the best since its formulated not to leave behind any white residues and the best part is, it comes in a variety of two colors for different hair types such as brunettes and another for lighter shades or colors.
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