Chin Dimples Causes and Removal: Are they Attractive?

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Are chin dimples cute or attractive? There are varied responses as to whether they look attractive, cute or are bad. Some people are likely to say they cute if they are smaller, unlike those cleft chins. We shall look at causes, and how to get rid of these dimples if you do not like them.

In our own opinions, they are cute. However, due to personality differences, some individuals would have a positive mind towards them or cleft chin while others will not. Let us look at their causes.


Why do we have chin dimples or what are the reasons behind these facial features? Perhaps you have seen or encountered people, celebrities or actresses with these dimples. Let us see the reason behind them.


First of all dimples including dimples in cheeks, chin, or ‘butt’ are inherited traits. Most scientists have argued that they may be caused by a dominant gene. Despite that, some researchers have gone a mile further to challenge – why two parents who have dimples cannot always be a guarantee that they will have dimpled chin children.

Each one of us inherits two sets of genes that determine the shape of our chins. That is the dominant gene and recessive genes.

The genetic makeup of your partner determines whether your offspring will have them or not. However, this does not mean that all your children will inherit this dominant gene and develop clefts in their chins. For instance, one of the parents or both of them may carry a gene responsible for dimples but do not manifest it themselves. However, after they have children (first generation), this trait is passed down to successive generations.

The dominant gene responsible for the shape and appearance of our chins may be under the influence of internal environmental factors. These include those factors occurring within a cell (subcellular) and outside cells (extracellular). If you look at various people with these features, you will notice that they are not very similar. Definitely, “cleft chins come in a variety of shapes, including vertical furrows, Y-shaped furrows, and round dimples (Günther 1939).” [].

Age and cleft chin

Usually, as one grows older more fat and elasticity in the skin is lost. Considering that one had shallow dimples, dents or a cleft, the resulting effect is attributed to making these natural features appear deeper than they were when still young.

Meaning and personality

To sum up, on the meaning of dimpled chin, we shall focus on the interpretation of the famous seven personalities using this feature. These 7 personality evolved centuries past – through the art of observing human facial features or body types (physiognomy) before judging human character. They are namely:

  • Jupiterian type,
  • Venusian type,
  • Mercurian type,
  • Apollo,
  • Lunarian,
  • Saturnian type,
  • Martian type and
  • Lunarian type.

The first type of personality i.e. Jupiterian, according to the practice of physiognomy, is associated with individuals who have “straight noses, slightly fuller lips with a firm and sometimes dimpled chin.” [].

NOTE: When it comes to matters of personality, there is little difference between a cleft and dimple.  A cleft in the chin is prominent or deeper than a dimple.

In Zodiac Horoscope of the Chinese people used in Chinese face reading, the shape and size of chin hold a lot in terms of how lucky or unlucky they are likely to be particularly later in their ages, say the 60s or 70s.

Finally, it is believed that those who have this dimples possess extraordinary sexual appetites throughout their youthful lives.

Are they attractive?

What is its significance? In any way, are they attractive? The attractiveness will depend on the community where you come from. People who really love their dimpled chins have the pleasure to enjoy the attraction and attention they tend to create.

Are they attractive when guys (men) 

Have you seen guys who have these dimples? Do you find them attractive? Beauty means different things to different people. What is your thought?

Female stars and actresses 

What comments can you give if you are a girl with these dimples? Some chin dimpled girls have become more sensitive to clefts or wish they better had cheek dimples. They can arouse a masculine feeling in females especially when they are really deep. Hence, there is a need to get rid of them.

It is quite interesting that even though some girls or ladies never want to hear about them, some movie stars, actresses, and personalities are proud of having them. Before we look at how to get rid of these dents here are few females including actresses and stars whose dimpled chins or cleft perhaps made them popular.

  • Fergie
  • American actress Troian Bellisario
  • Emily Blunt

Why they appear when smiling

Their when they smile or grin is observed in a few people including children. A young school-going girl who had this concern posted her query via Yahoo community and here is what she said:

I’m a 14-year-old girl so I’m worried about it a little too much! But it’s only when I smile a nice big grin, not a goofy one a regular one and I hate it. When I’m not smiling it’s not there but I smile a lot so it’s a problem for me. I just feel so bad with it it’s not the place where I want a dimple at all. How can I get rid of this? And will it get worse

We earlier on looked at genetics being one of the causes of chin dimples or the cleft. At times, there may occur genetic defects. These defects may cause a fault in the connective tissue during embryonic development leading to shortened facial muscles.

Now, when you smile or grin, “The shorter muscle on the face pulls up the facial skin. This creates a slight depression in the skin,” [] on the facial area where shortening of muscles has occurred. It could be in cheeks, on one side or either side or in front of the chin.

If they form small dents when you close your mouth there could be a problem with the functioning of mentalis muscles.

In babies

If your child is born with this feature, is because of hereditary as we have seen – either father or mother or both bear a dominant gene. If that is not the case then, is because of gene combinations that allow for or manifest in dimpled chin character in offspring.

How to reduce or remove them

For those females and males who detest having been born with dimples and clefts, you can consider getting rid of them. One of them is this lady FlowerGirl7 who asked on Realself website.

Hello, I’m a female and I have a chin dimple. It’s not very deep, but I don’t like it at all. I have heard that you can get rid of it by silicone injections, Botox, or surgery inside the mouth. I would like to know the best choice for me or if you have any other recommendations, I would appreciate it. Also, how much would it cost? (I live in California) and how long would it take to heal? Thank you so much for your answers.

There are a number of ways to improve the appearance if you do not like them. They are not supposed to worry you because they are cool!


Use of soft tissue fillers is one of the non-surgical treatment to smooth out, reduce the appearance and effects of chin dimples or get rid of them. These forms of treatment can be fantastic if they are not so deep. They include the following.

1. Restylane & Juvederm injections

Both Juvederm and Restylane are clinical products approved by the Food and Drug Administration agency, FDA. One of the natural components of these fillers is hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is also a naturally occurring skin component whose function is to help the skin maintain its elasticity and reducing the formation of wrinkles. In reducing them, Juvederm and Restylane are injected into the skin where they provide fullness and elasticity.

Although they give temporary results, this kind of treatment is effective in reducing them and can last from 6 months to one year if it properly administered.

2. Radiesse

Unlike collagen, use of radiesse as a dermal filler may not require skin testing. Like Restylane and Juvederm, this component is biocompatible and is safe because it is an FDA approved treatment “composed of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel.” [].

After its administration, the body responds by producing collagen around the calcium microspheres. For that reason, radiesse can produce more lasting results if it is used in people who have shallow dents or clefts in the chin. The results can last up two 2 years after treatment.

Other areas where this filer is used include nasolabial folds (running down from the nose on either side of the upper lips), cheeks, lower eyelids and chin crease.

Facial fat grafting

With aging, sometimes the cleft chin or “dimple” may lose more fat and look deeper. Fat grafting is another procedure which aims to improve facial appearance by rejuvenating your face and replace the lost volume of the skin.

In this surgical procedure, a small section of skin is identified and removed from another part of your bodies such as the abdomen, thigh area or hip area. Before injection is done, the graft has to be processed to remove impurities. Going by the word and reactions of top dermatologists, this could be the best treatment and removal of clefts or dents in the chin.


If they are due to the actions of the muscle mentalis, an injection of Botox is a great means of ensuring that they disappear. Botox injection is one of the optional treatments and helps in relaxation of the named muscles around the chin area. However, talk to your trusted plastic surgery consultant and make carefully make considerations before you have Botox injected into your skin.

Otherwise, Botox is less costly compared to procedures like facial fat grafting.

Chin implants

Going for implants is another optional surgical method to help get rid of dimpled chins. Before you decide to get these implants you have to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon or consultant.

Can I go for cosmetic surgery?

Before you go for any cosmetic surgery or to get the removal of the cleft chin, consider having your mentalis muscles checked by a physician. It is possible there is a strain within or caused by actions of these chin muscles.

Some people have already had controversial designer dimples in their cheeks but this procedure could not be the best way to get them.

Popularly known as dimpleplasty, this surgery is done to create dimples in cheeks that come with long-lasting effects such as permanent scarring. Another disadvantage is that while natural dimples appear as one is smiling, dimples acquired after cosmetic surgery are there presently and permanently on the face.


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