Styling Tricks That Make Your Legs Look Longer

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As women, we all desire those long legs. Those slender never-ending legs that make you look good in anything. If not genetically blessed with them, then, we won’t mind creating the illusion that we have long ones.

How to make legs look longer
Make them look longer

Trust me, if I could genetically alter my genes, I would. Things are not all grim, however, since there are several styling tricks available that could make them look longer and enviable.

Here are a few styling tricks you can use to elongate them:

Shoe tricks

  • Wear shoes that resemble your skin tone. This is called the nude hue. It creates a long uninterrupted line on your body. The nude shoes act as an extension making them look longer. The solid color and added length by the heels create a longer leg illusion.
  • Wear pointed shoes since they elongate your legs by extending them and feet. Pointed toe shoes have an extra inch or two of space that makes them physically longer than round toe shoes, even though they are the same size. The pointy feature makes your feet and legs longer while giving you a stylish, flattering look.
  • Heels and platforms add inches to your height and extend your feet. This makes the calves look shapely and longer.
  • Thigh-high boots will also do the trick, especially if they have a heel. They create a long visual line.
  • Wear shoes that match your stocking or trouser color. This monochromatic look will create a line that doesn’t stop, straight down to your foot. For example, you could rock black jeans with black boots. This style will work with any shade and especially the dark colors.
  • Wear boots that have a V-shaped cut. This work the same as pointy shoes. They create a flattering transition from the legs to the feet.

What to avoid:

shoes with straps around your anklets. This is because straps segment and makes them look shorter. The straps pause the viewer’s eyes early and make you look short.

Avoid ankle high boots too since they shorten them. If you have to wear ankle straps, choose a tight or trouser in the same color. This prevents the leg line from being broken up.

Pants choice

  • Make sure your pants fit just right. Bulky or poorly fitting clothes bulk you up and make you appear shorter. Well-fitting clothes give you a sleek look.
  • Make sure the length of the hem grazes the top of your foot. Pair them with heels to complete the look. Long hems, especially with heels, make the legs look longer.
  • Match your pants with the shoes. The strategic color use creates a leaner, longer line through your body, elongating your legs. Make sure the tops of your feet and ankle are covered too.
  • Use dark colors to cover them. They have a slimming effect that elongates them. You could wear black skinny jeans or tights and pair them with anything you like!
  • Wear high waisted pants. A high waistline on trouser with a shirt tucked in creates confusion on where you are they start. This is especially good for people with short legs and long torsos.
Pants to elongate your legs
Fitting jeans

What to avoid:

Avoid bottoms with details, bulky pockets, pleats or cuffs.  Wearing a clean silhouette will lengthen them.

Avoid low rise pants since they make your legs look shorter. Ditch the hip huggers too.

Skirts and dresses

  • Wear high waistlines especially if your legs are short. You can pair them with cropped tops and high heels.
  • Wear vertical stripes for both pants and skirts. They are flattering and give an elongating look. Vertical patterns draw the viewers eyes up and down. This optical trick makes one see an additional length.
  • Choose dresses with asymmetrical hemlines. They interrupt the view of the legs and create a smooth silhouette.
  • The hemline of your skirt or dress should not hit your calf’s. This will give you a stumpy look. Dresses and skirt hemlines conceal where the leg starts especially the A-line, empire waist skirts and pencil skirts. They make the waist appear higher while your shank looks longer.
  • Wear short skirts or shorts with a high hemline. They make your legs look longer.
  • Choose asymmetrical hemlines on the dress or top since they make your limbs longer.

Tops and jackets

  • Choose long tops or tuck them into your trousers to elongate the torso.
  • Jackets should be cropped. This makes the torso shorter and legs to appear extended. Slightly tapered jackets will also give the longer shank illusion.

Avoid midriff-baring shirts if your torso is long.


When choosing what to wear, mind the shape of your body. Work with clothes that flatter both your height and weight. For example, if you wear a short skirt and your thighs are large, you will get a stumpy look.

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