How to Dress Hourglass Figure with A Big Tummy

September 26, 2017

Do you have the hourglass figure? lucky you! This is by far the most revered figure of all time. In the fashion world, the hourglass body is considered to be the ideal body type which requires knowing how to dress.

First things first, what is an hourglass figure? These body types are typically characterized by narrow, almost bee-like waists (yes!) and proportional hips and bust approximately the same size as noted in shop your shape.

These features give the hourglass figured ladies some killer, sexy curves.

Usually, when dressing this type of figure, the key is to go for fabrics and styles that reduce bulkiness or boxiness and most importantly draw all the attention to your well-defined waist.

How to Dress-Hiding that tummy for the hourglass body

Ladies, it’s all about creating an optical illusion and diverting all the attention away from your midsection, which is your stomach.

Pretty confusing, yeah? Anyway, the key is to hide your big tummy. I know! earlier I mentioned something about drawing attention to your midsection and now am saying the completely opposite thing.

Well, yeah! after all, we are trying to hide that big tummy, aren’t we?

Here are a few tips and tricks that can flatter your big tummy and accentuate those stylish curves.

Step One

Colors, fabrics, and structures are crucial in creating the optical illusion of a small.

  • Darker colors have a general slimming effect and give the illusion of a flat stomach. Dark rinses worn over the mid-area ensures that the stomach recedes and gives you that flat stomach effect. A general rule that you need to remember is darker colors equals slimming effect, brighter colors equal widening effect.
  • Fabrics play a very vital role in creating that narrow effect on your tummy. Avoid clothes that cling on to your bodies such as satin or any other light material, instead go for loose-fitting blouses or tops.
  • Structured clothing such as jackets or blazers give a flattering silhouette and draws attention away from the waist. Structured clothing offers an extra width across the shoulders thus, giving an exaggerated, V-shape downwards that minimizes the tummy area.
Step Two

Want that classic iconic silhouette, reach for a fitting and flaring wrap dress which will go a long way to flatter your best features and hide your tummy. Additionally, LBD goes a long way in disguising that tummy.

Step Three

According to Livestrong and Prima, high waisted Jeans and fitting jumpsuits give a flattering waist slimming effect and because of your killer sexy curves there will be no need to add extra details.

Step Four

Trench dresses especially fitting double-breasted trench dresses give an optical illusion of a flat tummy and draws the attention away from your stomach area.

Step Five

Get yourself shapewear, yes! I know they can be a little bit uncomfortable but you need one to create that slim illusion for a big stomach as noted health.  To avoid or minimize the discomfort, you could always get a size bigger. Shapewear gives a smoother cleaner silhouette.

Step Six

Ruching or empire waistlines fitting below the bust line and flowing downwards can work towards disguising a big stomach.

Step Seven

Ensure that your bra is the right size and pulls your breasts up higher to elongate your midsection and give you that tummy flattening effect.

Step Eight

Since the point is to draw the attention away from your waist, avoid crazy patterns and sequences. Instead draw attention to your neck, arms, and legs.

Step Nine

If you want to do belts, pick slightly wider belts preferably one inch wider with a rounded buckle to give that fashionable, sleek and flattering disguise to your midsection as noted in Prima.

Additionally, the trick would be to wear the belt slightly above the area you are most widespread. Because if you do, you will only be creating more bulges and protrusions along your mid-section.

Step Ten

A-line dresses or skirts are universally flattering more so if they fit nicely. The A-line shape dress or skirt is free fitting hence diverts attention away from your stomach region.

Step Eleven

Lastly, posture is very important. A straight posture compared to a slouching one elongates your body and diverts attention away from your midsection